Raw, unrestricted and unconventional, Queensland’s Lost Worlds explode in their new music video for ‘What You Say’. The track comes as the first single from their debut album Fire Fire, due out late June. Think The Vines meets Smashing Pumpkins, mix in some electronic synths and you have Lost Worlds.

The video has a nostalgic quality to it, looking as though it was filmed a few decades ago. Though the band only formed in 2016, you could almost be forgiven for thinking you’re watching a favourite rock band from the 90s. A kaleidoscope of images and distorted visuals flash across the screen, mirroring the mood and narrative of the track. It’s a refreshingly stripped back, raw exploration of the themes in the track.

The band’s mix of early 2000s Garage rock, video-game-style synths and loud drums match seamlessly with frontman Lee McRae’s lyrics. Bass guitarist Baby Blue and session drummer Kyle Shipton complete the track perfectly.

‘What You Say’ deals with themes of trying to find yourself and what you truly believe in a world full of information overload, propaganda, the media and pc culture. Lead Vocalist Lee McRae says recording the album “was like throwing it all on black. The gamble that doesn’t make sense at all. This could be the only album that we get to make, so we didn’t hold anything back.” This gamble seems to pay off in this first single, Lost Worlds certainly haven’t held anything back in their standout video.