Written and recorded in the space of a Tuesday afternoon, Hurt Parade’s aptly-titled Tuesday masterfully marries a pleasurable blend of indie grooves and dream pop. Think Lorde and The XX‘s musical lovechild, and you have something closely resembling the promising up-and-comers.

Hailing from the sands of Wollongong, trio Joshua Pinkerton, Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Christodoulou and Chris Blevin wrote the song with trails of summer nostalgia and the beach in mind. The music video perfectly complements ‘Tuesday‘s vibe – a compilation of stunning wide-shots and close-ups of the artists strolling by the ocean’s edge. Indeed, the relaxed jam is one that plants your imagination on a jagged, wave-swept coastline, however it is one of those rare melodies that has the ability to take you anywhere – swimming in fields of daisies one minute, boogieing in a dimly-lit discotheque the next.

The song itself is a sophisticated union of the members’ respective musical backgrounds – with Joshua’s affinity for and previous experience with cinema (Logan, Dark Matter, Orphan Black), Liz’s love for vocal and lyrical composition, and Chris’s work as a pianist culminating in the eccentric bop – a matter of time, according to Liz.

“After years of knowing each other, we all decided it was time to finally work together and produce some tunes.”

“Our love, passion, drive and dedication to music is shown through our first single Tuesday. It only took a few hours to write which is pretty cool.”

While the track was written in a short amount of time, its brilliance cannot be mistaken – chilling synthesizers, celestial vocals and sublime rhythm accompanying lyrics you could only consider prophetic: the song truly will take its listener ‘anywhere, anywhere I wanna be.’

‘Tuesday’ is available in digital stores from March 2.

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