The closing track of the Geelong footy-pub band’s EP Too Beautiful For Earth serves as an uplifting closing note, purporting the band’s central ideals of trying to inspire people to push through tough times. The music video encompasses this message through the emotional projection onto the protagonist.

There’s a heartfelt and saddening angle to be mentioned when referring to this band, whose beginnings are humble as they are tragic. This is evident even in the group’s name, All For Darcy, being a tribute to founding member Peter Atkinson’s son Darcy who passed away, finding the band in a place of emotional catharsis with the release of this record. Yet this emotion is packaged and digested in ways that demonstrate clear skill, and the record takes recognisable influences from the great post-grunge bands of the 90s such as The Goo Goo Dolls and Jebediah.

The featured music video that accompanies the lead single ‘Ordinary Life’ presents a simple yet effective enough premise. Man has become deeply saddened by the current state of affairs, man seeks refuge in the wilderness and man struggles to find the solace he sought. This solace is obtained only through dealing with his problems and reintegrating them into his life, demonstrating that one way to deal with whatever trials people are facing is to give yourself the necessary distance to reflect on what your next move should be. It’s an importantly nuanced take on a complex issue and it perfectly suits the building and triumphant track that backs it.

All for Darcy will be touring their new EP over may and June so check them out!

Upcoming Gigs
Friday 25th May – BLACK HATT in Geelong
Saturday 2nd June – THE PALACE HOTEL in Camberwell