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The Immigrant:

Filmmaker James Gray (Two Lovers, We Own The Night) has once again teamed up with his muse Joaquin Phoenix to bring another tale of immigration and New York. French actress Marion Cotillard (Rust and Bone, Contagion) stars as timid Polish refugee Ewa Cybulski, who flees her homeland to New York with her younger sister Madga in the hope of a better life. Upon arrival at the immigration centre, however, Madga is diagnosed with TB, and Ewa must rely on the help of strangers. Enter mysterious cousins Bruno and illusionist Orlando (Phoenix and Jeremy Renner, respectively). With Madga’s life on the line, can Ewa afford to trust their hospitality or are there ulterior motives at play?

The Immigrant is out general release on September 11

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Night Moves:

American director Kelly Reichardt’s latest indie flick pits man-of-the-moment Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network, Now You See Me) alongside Dakota Fanning (I Am Sam, The Runaways) and Peter Sarsgaard (An Education, Lovelace) in a film about environmental activism. The often alienating and specific topic is the basis for an exploration about community vs corporation. Josh (Eisenberg) teams up with rich-kid Dena (Fanning) to blow up a hydroelectric dam, with the help of a former marine named Harmon (Sarsgaard). Tense at times, and peppered with dry humour at other times, this intimate portrayal of the plight of modern-day eco-warriors is beautifully shot and strongly acted.

Night Moves opens at Nova Cinema on September 11

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The Grandmaster:

Second-wave, Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar-wai’s (My Blueberry Nights, Fallen Angels) long-awaited martial arts epic is finally out, and although its Australian release is 22 minutes shorter than the original, its stylistic visuals and lengthy kung-fu fights are to be marvelled at. Lead actor Tony Leung stars as Ip Man, a real-life Win Chung grandmaster from the 1930s, and the film chronicles his life as a martial arts master right up until his death in 1972. There are incredible fight sequences and stunts to be seen, and the film looks stunning, with good performances from Leung and Zhang Ziyi as Gong Er, the beautiful daughter of one of Man’s key rival.

The Grandmaster opens at Cinema Nova today

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What We Do In The Shadows:

This Kiwi mockumentary from director Jermaine Clement, reunites him with his Flight of the Conchords co-star Rhys Darby (The Boat That Rocked) in a hilarious romp about a group of housemates who are vampires. This film, about a film-crew filming the crew (you got it?), follows the gang from an Unholy Masquerade ball to the streets, where they clash with an equally weird posse of werewolves lead by a delicious Darby. It’s silly, sarcastic and strange – a mocking mash of horror and comedy – in a style and genre not often mixed. If you want something different to get your teeth into this week (sorry, couldn’t resist) than look no further!

What We Do In The Shadows is out general release today

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