Anybody who’s read the comments section on YouTube of any song by Pond/Tame Impala/Shiny Joe/Gum/etc., knows as well as I do of the near-daily reports of inexplicable psychedelic experiences triggered by three and a half minutes of synthesisers — i.e. ‘is anybody else tripping BALLS to this song??!?!?!?!?’. In case you feared the title of this article alludes to the online ramblings of a Brazilian fan-boy, don’t worry. Pond’s new song is a mind fuck in a couple of different ways.

‘Elvis’ Flaming Star’ is the first single from their forthcoming sixth album Man It Feels Like Space Again. With five albums down already, the quintet have let the world know time and time again that they like to change; somehow going from this to this to this. But still, this is weird.

First of all — the song itself is weird. It starts off sounding like the slightly-more-low-fi cousin of ‘Footloose’ before nosediving into an expectedly-absurd swathe of synths and effects. Then it slows into what sounds like another song, and then it goes back to what it was before. Usually, a winning formula for Pond is having no formula — but alas, this time, the said formula created something vague and fragmented. It’s not congruent. I won’t remember what it sounds like in five minutes. I don’t get it. Maybe that’s it — I don’t get it. But then, my very high expectations weren’t brewed from nothing. Where is the melody? Where are the pop parts?? Where are the shameless glam licks or even a filthy riff-out???? Surely they can do better than this?!?! Mind fuck part I.

Mind fuck part II: the video. The mind fuck here is that somebody at a record label thought a few dudes in shitty space costumes spraying silly string on each other and walking through a backyard like it’s the moon would be an awesome idea for a video. I will give it this — it is awesome, but that still doesn’t cancel out the fact that they have to be one of the only bands ever to make their videos progressively shittier as they become progressively more successful. In fact, this video has got to be the shittiest clip on Vevo. Awesomely shitty, but shitty nonetheless. See what I mean below:

And thus, a mind fuck. The song is only okay, the video is awesome, and the sixth album is nigh. Hopefully ‘Elvis’ Flaming Star’ is just a rouse and the album is magic. Thanks for reading a rant about Pond.

Man It Feels Like Space Again will be released through Spinning Top Music on January 23rd.