Prince is grandiose and Prince gets away with it because to this day, Prince still releases sweet music.

If Pond did the same, maybe they’d get away with the grandiose film clip for ‘Zond’ – but instead, the song itself seems a caricature of their former psychedelic-pop selves and frankly, everything to do with psychedelia in general. The backgrounds are cool, but again, that’s all. No feature of the song is memorable enough to redeem the video’s absurdity – all it proves is that Pond might be the only people left who still watch Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy

As for the track, an uninteresting loop underlies indecipherable vocals, and that’s all there really is to it. All that changes is one loop transitioning to another towards the end of the song; championing the parts of the 80s that all of our parents intentionally left there. Nick Allbrook‘s excruciatingly vague “where the fuck am I?” stare (which he maintains throughout the whole video) doesn’t soften the blow either; and to be honest, I’m rather inclined to agree with Allbrook.

Where the fuck is the band that used to release mind-blowing psychedelic albums?


‘Zond’ will be on Pond’s sixth album Man It Feels Like Space Again, which comes out on January 23rd through Universal Music Australia.