Canberra electronic duo Peking Duk recently collaborated with SAFIA for the energetic, churning and yet highly emotive ‘Take Me Over’, and now we can put visuals to words with the release of the accompanying clip.

Just like the song, the video is darker and heavier than you might imagine; giving us a rare insight into a child’s broken home. Both the song and the clip project us into a world of escapism where a young boy’s imagination takes him (and by extension us) on a journey of epic proportions, exploring continents and clashing swords with evil enemies while in reality his family are torn apart.

The track combines SAFIA frontman Ben Turner’s ambient vocals with Peking Duk’s cinematic production for a fast-paced joyride that might just tug at your “feels”. You can catch the duo at Beyond The Valley to ring in the new year and escape with them into the world of knights and explorers.