Love Of Diagrams, Primitive Calculators, Ausmuteants, Black Cab and The Ocean Party are the first acts announced for this year’s PBS Drive Live series, which will run from 5pm to 7pm between the 2nd and the 6th of February.

Like in previous years, all of the performances will be broadcast live to the PBS airwaves. Three rooms at the station’s Collingwood headquarters will hold three acts per weekday evening during drive time, with live audiences welcome to attend the proceedings given that PBS members haven’t dibsed the guest list spots first. Information about guest lists and RSVP-ing is still forthcoming.

PBS recently celebrated its 35th birthday, so their selection of of Australian post-punk-synth-something veterans Love Of Diagrams and Primitive Calculators is a pretty fitting one. Primtive Calculators reformed in 2009 after a 30 year hiatus (during which they briefly reformed for Dogs In Space), releasing their debut album The Word Is Fucked in 2013. Forming in 2001, Love Of Diagrams haven’t really stopped releasing music since. They put out their latest single ‘Eyes’ late last year through Bedroom Suck Records and are preparing to unleash an album in March – but performances still remain sparse, making the 2015 Drive Live a little bit extra special.

The full lineup of 15 bands will be released next week. For more information, visit PBS’s website or turn on your radio to 106.7 FM. The 2015 PBS Drive Live shows are presented by PBS, APRA, AMCOS and Coopers.