It would seem that Parquet Courts are a very busy band. The New York punk quartet have just released their fourth album Content Nausea a modest six months after the release of their third, and on top of that, guitarist Austin Brown has co-directed the music video for the album’s latest single ‘Pretty Machines’. The video, unsurprisingly, is “about living in Brooklyn”. It follows Brown around his expectedly-Brooklyn-looking apartment as he deals with its mundanities. At some points of the video, he simply gazes at his turn table while doing absolutely nothing. An unexpected horn section enters the characteristically gritty, lick-driven jangle before he glues on a shitty moustache and takes a walk around town. Ironically, the video about living in Brooklyn was not co-directed by another person from Brooklyn. It was co-directed by videographer Johann Rashid, who just so happens to live in Melbourne.

Meanwhile, frontman Andrew Savage has devised a tour poster personalised to Australia’s east coast, where the band will play next month for the third time in one year. It contains two photographic portraits of band members – ‘Austin, Ended’ and ‘Sean With Grapes’ – and suggests that the band’s devotion to Mother ‘Straya goes further than just touring here: Savage has mastered our local tongue.

parquet courts poster