More soulful than ever before, Altruism is the forthcoming EP to be delivered from Melbourne’s golden boy Oscar Key Sung. With his musical friendships inspiring most of his recent performances and releases, his latest collection hears a fluttering and infectious exploration into an already gleamy signature production style.

Sweeping in with smooth electronic pulses and a dangerously addictive minimal rhythm, the EP warms up slowly, stretching out alongside Oscar’s vocals on first single ‘Skip’. With sonic patterns heard previously in EP Holograms, the familiar stylistic choices are quick to reveal Altruism’s further mastery of balance and tone, mixing these paces to their supreme. While howling sweetly under the tingling textures of the track’s RnB infused sound, the mood of the release suddenly expands with heat, bursting open and revealing a steamy, raw rhythm that is quietly literally, an ‘Inside Job’.

With deep bass pounds and clicking dance spurts, visions of dark suburban streets and flickering neon lights pass over each rich tone, dripping urgency quickly into the instrumental bridge. Heavily armed and quick to deliver, the sudden realisation of ‘Premonition’ begins abruptly, whispering in with high keys and scratchy samples. Seducing with passive aggressive falsetto and continuous soul clap, the self-destructive track feverishly bounces with the chaos and solidifies Oscar’s typical electronic-driven sounds.

Flipping on the synths and sensitivity, ‘Brush‘ is the standout track that truly delivers. With addictive layers of warm sounds and breakdowns, there’s a haunting beauty in Oscar’s serenade – particularly in the hook – as he chants, “aren’t you sick of men thinking you need them to tell you who you are and what you are?” With selflessness and unrequited intimacy appearing to be the substantial themes among Altruism, ‘Brush’ is the sigh-heavy track that will get you on your feet and pep-talking yourself in the mirror with a little groove.

Continuing to explore his own voyeurism and voice through ‘Light’ and ‘Altruism’, the EP simmers at low-heat, grinding on your sonic palette with bursts of energy and effortlessly cool “mutual respect“. Extending a hand for the chance to dance, ‘Light’ burns brighter with each passing second before dimming down to the feel-heavy and poignant closing track. Indulgent to listen to, ‘Altruism’ is one of Oscar’s best sounding RnB ballads yet, giving plenty of room to flaunt his vocal capabilities and thoughtful feelings.

Abundant with emotion and electronic infused sounds, Altruism is the highest anticipated release of Oscar yet – and for good reasons. With a rounded sound that delivers a unique vibe per injection, each track extends a trait of Oscar’s sound and magnifies his abilities. From textured instrumentals to molten and seductive vocals, Altruism demands a deeper affection, and of course, proposes you a renewed way of “how to listen“.

Oscar’s forthcoming EP Altruism will be available digitally on May 1, 2015