Brisbane super band Orphans Orphans’ have been super branded, super published, but still not recognised. The band are a blend of five successful musical careers backed by a whole bucket load of unheard tracks; including Briz-lebrities from The Jungle Giants, Millions, Moses Gunn Collective, The Belligerents and Morning Harvey. In their debut EP What’s a Boy S’Posed To Do, they explore dimensions of glam rock to garage rock, and a few things in between.

Beginning to make a mark on the Australian music scene earlier this year with their first release ‘Orphan’, they blend a mix of windy sounds that could sit alongside Kasabian’s ‘Fire’. In a way, this release is a stop n start mixture of songs; comprising little more than a foot stomper festival sell-out with Aiden Kelsey Moore and Sam Hales husky vocals to follow. While pop is prominent on the album, a sense of conflict emerges between all genres; rendering it an anarchy of an EP. It hits hard as a pop anthem frenzy, with elements of glam rock standing out through Bolan-esque vocals and blurred guitar solos.

The battle of genres continues between thrash pop and more solemn numbers; both vocalists provoking a resonance with Eels in the droned lyricism. ‘Lighten Up Your Day’ and ‘What’s a Boy S’posed To Do’ have the most slack-rock sound which makes for a musical turnover and a powerful highlight. Switching back and forth between run-of-the-mill indie bass lines and vocal rampage every now and then; although clearly a diverse release, the band’s explorations mostly fall short of any particular originality. An inclusion from The Jungle Giants’ back catalogue, ‘Friends Forever’ includes a slow-burning, fuzzy intermission in the midst of another pop anthem.

For a purportedly serious release; many differences and influences are churned out. Perhaps too many, even. The EP is a little journey in itself, with high voltage, ripping guitar solos, deep rock n roll drumbeats, and at times in-your-face lyricism.

They make sure the lyrics are heard, with high energy instrumentals to accompany. The tasteful lyrics in ‘Friends Forever’, prove that even a clichéd song title can be intensely mature and tick all boxes for a punchy boogie track.

What’s a Boy S’posed To Do is undeniably a walk on hot coals release in that its genre-bending qualities create an air of over-doneness. But then, it has been purposely created this way. A complete span of all genres, signing off with the tiresome and el depresso ‘Whats a Boy S’posed To Do’; its lyrics; “With my pants around my feet, Lying naked on the floor” signify the listener’s journey through the release. But from where this journey comes, and to where it goes, is not quite distinguishable.


What’s A Boy S’Posed To Do was released digitally worldwide via Amplifire on Friday September 19.