We asked Melbourne artist HOWQUA to reveal his deepest darkest secrets around being on his very first headline tour which saw him travel up and down the east of Australia from Geelong, up to Canberra, Byron, Brisbane and beyond….

Kicking off with a run of Victorian shows I packed up my 1989 Ford Econovan and make sure I’m signed up for roadside assistance. Bed in the back for a nice ‘on the road’ home and a bag of mixed nuts with the hope that pecans are at a minimum. Touring on the road gives me a lot of time to think and become inspired by my surroundings, from Melbourne to Maroochydore and everywhere in between.

Movies/TV shows
What are you watching?

TV I generally stay away from (especially while touring) unless I feel the need to watch a cooking, renovation or live karaoke show. Which has never really happened. Maybe I’ll squeeze in an AFL game if the Dees are playing. Movie wise I’m keen to see the new Entourage movie but haven’t had a chance yet. Maybe when I get back to Melbourne. 

What are you listening to?

I’m loving the sounds of local acts Kagu and Sunbeam Sound Machine. Internationally I’m digging what UK artist Lapsley is doing. She has a gorgeous voice.

What are you reading? 

Most of the literature I read is music blogs haha. 

Where and what are you eating?

It’s pretty much-cut lunches on the road, some instant noodles, the occasional pub meal or maybe a dinner at friend’s place along the road. Probably not an ideal dietary setup.


Where are you sleeping?

Accommodation is a mix of sleeping in my van and at friends houses. However some nights I have a hotel room at the venue which is quite the luxury.

Tour Comforts
What can’t you live without while on the road?

A GPS or google maps is crucial otherwise I end up going in circles (especially in Canberra). Cosy donnas in the van are essential this time of year. And water is always a handy feature for myself and the van.


Guilty Pleasure/s
What is your one guilty pleasure while touring?

Getting photos in those random paintings where you can pop your head through. I think they are generally designed for children on family vacations. But I find them quite hilarious. 

What is your favourite tour photo or video from your personal collection?

Mike Waters (left yabby) HOWQUA (right yabby)


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