Melbournian songstress Olympia has released a striking new music clip for her single ‘This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things‘.

Directed by Alex Ryan at the NSW Academy of Gymnastics, the clip cuts between two scenes.

Olympia (aka Olivia Bartley) sits in a mirrored room looking fearless in a shiny, metallic red jumpsuit, and a shocker blonde bob playing her speckled red Fender. Then in a slo-mo sequence, we follow two gymnasts – a male and a female – twist and turn in romantic rhythm.

“This song was written about the sticky, unresolved nature relationship can take on, imbued with the DayGlo emotions and Benzedrine-driven plots of an Almodovar film”, Bartley says of the clip, which features her soaring, indie-ethereal vocals played over a poppy, electric riff. 

‘This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things’ is a warming indie-pop number, embellished with tinkering synth chords and bouncy guitar.

Olympia will be playing alongside Pearls and Darts when all three support Alpine on their ‘Foolish’ national tour in June.