Viral video connoisseurs OK Go have done it again with the clip for their latest single ‘I Won’t Let You Down’. Ever since they caught our attention with their treadmill dance skills back in 2006, the LA-based indie outfit have been forever gifting us elaborate videos and this one is no different.

The clip features perfectly-choreographed synchronised dancing, which takes place on bizarre looking unicycle scooters and makes use of colourful umbrellas and Japanese school girls. While the clip is incomparable to some of their previous work like the epic video that accompanied 2010’s ‘This Too Shall Pass’, it was shot mostly from a birds-eye view and the visuals are more impressive than your average flash-mob. The song itself is a synth-heavy, catchy tune that throws back to the 70’s funk-era. However, alas, it is perhaps less memorable than the video. The track hails from OK Go’s latest album Hungry Ghosts which was released earlier this month.