Nyne’s brand new single, ‘Bad Trip’, is a ruminating mix of dark electro-pop. In a press release, she herself described it as a reflection on “being exposed to a party lifestyle for the first time, and things not going quite to plan.”

The combination of steady electronic beats and soft vocals convey this atmosphere of naivety within the hazy ambiance of a party. Nyne’s vocals are fluid and melodic, directly juxtaposing the distinct beat of this dance track. Her melodic vocals eventually become part of the track’s choppy electronic beats to further emphasise the whirlwind nature of a being swept up within the party lifestyle.

The darker tone of the track further conveys the song’s premise and the experience of a “bad trip”. This is also done through edgy and hazy mood evoked by the smooth flow of Nyne’s vocals at the beginning, which soon become consumed by the tracks electronic beats.

Nyne is definitely on her way to becoming a prominent and interesting artist within Australia’s music scene. Her music emulates a sound that has become increasingly popular within the international music scene and made popular by bands like The Weekend. However, Nyne distinguishes herself in the dulcet nature of her vocals.

‘Bad Trip’ is an evocative new track that creates a distinctive atmosphere and style that is likely to create significant momentum behind Nyne’s prominence within the Australian music scene.