N’fa Jones, who you may remember from 1200 Techniques, is a huge fan of collaborative music, so much so that his forthcoming LP Black + White Noise is a look into his diverse and dynamic scope of music. The new album takes you through a journey from the dark and light soundscapes of Hip Hop, future beats, soul and roots. The album features production by Sensible J and Dutch, Ta-Ku, Styalz Fuego, Matt Kent and Billy Hoyle and will be hitting the shelves or should say hitting online via Drapht’s label The Ayems on April 4, 2014.

In celebration of this release N’fa has given us a little insight into the music videos that inspired and shaped his music over the years…. We even managed to get out of him his own favourite video.

1200 Techniques – Karma 

Yeah it was a video for my music, but M.G and the creatives behind it were an amazing group of young artists.. I love this video for being so far ahead of the game at the time of its release in 2002, and lifting the song to a higher level. Mind blowing.

The Pharcyde – Drop

I loved this tune when it dropped, still do.. When the video was released, the visual look of it was different to anything i had seen.. I’m pretty sure they did this clever idea on a super low budget, but it took a minute to figure out how they had done the video & it’s never lost its appeal. Classic

Aphex Twin – Window Licker 

This vid is just so intense and mental.. it’s a full head f*ck.. The beats banging, the vidual effects are just out of this world.. When it dropped, i just couldn’t get enough of it.. Still kinda can’t.

The White Stripes – Fell In Love With A Girl

This video is nuts! Lego blocks being built, broken down and rebuilt frame by frame to create the whole video to the White Stripes rocking out .. This is spectacular..

Michael Jackson – Thriller

Do i have to explain this…? Really? The build up to this video release was like the build up to a block buster movie release in the 80’s.. The make up, the dancing, the song itself. Crazy!!!!!!

N’Fa Jones – Cause An Effect

Cause an Effect was special to me as we shot it in Heaths garage on one camera with two lights, some make up, and a few ideas.. Its straight Art House and raw, and was Heaths creative idea that he drummed up after hearing the song that i wrote with DBridge.. Heath was my oldest friend, and to be creative with such an long time friend, who was also such an inspiring human, was special.


Black + White Noise out April 4, 2014 on The Ayems (Drapht’s label) through Sony