Having recently unveiled their LP Discipline (out now via Spunk Records), Auckland band Trust Punks are currently in Australia, showcasing tracks from it. The band have quickly built up a strong reputation for their ferocious live shows back home, and hope to do the same thing in here Australia.

We caught up with Joe Thomas to get the lowdown on Discipline and returning to Australia.

Tell us the story behind the formation of the band

All of us have been playing in various bands around Auckland since our early teens. Around early 2013 we decided to combine the two bands that the five of us were then-currently sharing members of into one band that sounded like a better version of both of them combined.

What inspired the name Trust Punks?

It’s a stupid pun on “crust punks” and “trust fund” and in a roundabout way is meant to be an attempt at self-critique/a shot at the fact that “punk” is supposed to engender an anti-establishment ethos but remains mostly the domain of the more privileged sectors of society.

Your album Discipline has just dropped- what motivated the title?

As well as being a nod to the idea that power is the basic metric by which our social relationships can be analysed, I think we chose it because it’s a multi-faceted word that can mean different things in different contexts

As a debut album with 7 tracks, was it ever tempting to throw a few more tracks into the record?


Where was the album recorded?

At a DIY studio called Thinkt in Auckland, which is where we live.

Who has the most annoying studio habits?

All of us are quite neurotic and potentially annoying but probably either Alex or I.

How would you describe your sound in one word?

I would never.

Are you looking forward to your upcoming Australian shows?

Yeah, of course! We’re coming back almost a year to the day since our first trip over and it’s nice to think about how much more momentum we have behind us this time around and how much better our songs are. Hopefully we play well enough to demonstrate that.

Who is the biggest eater in the band?

Uhhhhhhmmmmmmmm I defecate with the most frequency and volume so probably me.

If you could tour with any band of your choice, who would it be?


What’s on in 2015 for Trust Punks?

We’ve started recording another album and hopefully will be doing the odd tour here and there.

Discipline is out now via Spunk Records

Trust Punks Tour Australia this week!

Thursday 27 Nov – Grace Darling Basement – Melbourne
w/ Gold Class & Possible Humans 

Friday 28 Nov – Music Farmers – Wollongong 
w/ special guests (early show) – FREE

Friday 28 Nov – The Landsdowne Hotel  – Sydney
w/ the Ocean Party, Day Ravies & Melon Melon Melon – FREE