Brisbane indie rock band The Grates will return to the spotlight with the release of their new single ‘It Won’t Hurt Anymore’ from their fourth studio album Dream Team, currently available.

‘It Won’t Hurt Anymore’ sees The Grates slow down the tempo to reveal a softer side to the record, while of course still embracing the established bed of distortion and raw energy that makes up the bands signature sound.

Patience Hodgson attributes the creation of the song to mundane reality television:

“This was the final the final song we wrote for the album. Around then, I’d wake up most mornings and watch a reality show on arranged marriages. Even thought the show was repetitive and annoying I was completely captivated by the relationship baggage that burdened the participants, who all claimed to ‘do anything for love’ as long as they could all still hold their past hurts tightly. John and Ritchie were under the house playing, and I crammed my head next to the floor boards to hear them, and start to form what became the vocal melody.”

Listen to ‘It Won’t Hurt Anymore’ here: