Over the next six months, limited edition photos of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones taken by Bob Bonis will be released for sale starting at $175. The collection, available for the first time ever, will gradually roll out over the next 36 months, all being sold via eBay in the special Bon Bonis Archive store.

Bob Bonis was their US tour manager from 1964-1966, meaning that he had the opportunity to capture the unguarded, fleeting moments of the two bands.  There are a total of 3,500 photos for sale, with 2,700 of the Rolling Stones and a modest 800 of The Beatles. Both bands are often considered to be amongst the best in history.

The negatives and slides of the photos had been kept safely stored for almost 50 years, with just Bonis’s close family and friends knowing of their existence. His photos had only ever been published when he granted permission for a handful to be used for teen magazines in the 60s. After this, they stayed stored away and he never sought publicity or praise for his work, nor participated in the fan culture.

After Bonis’s death in 1992, his son Alex Bonis rediscovered the photos and decided to share them with the world as a tribute to his father. The tribute is one that will be long-lived, as the photos serve as a reflection of the experiences and moments the bands had together and with Bonis in their heyday. While we all know The Stones are still at it, the photographs end in 1966 due to The Beatles’ withdrawal from the live circuit that year. They kept recording albums until 1969.

Just so you can prove it’s real and have peace-of-mind in the knowledge that you have just bought a legitimate print, the photos will be hand numbered, estate stamped and will come with a certificate of authenticity from the Grammy Museum.


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