Bounce out off work today, it’s Friday! Keeping you geared up for the weekend, here at Speaker TV we’re kicking off a weekly mix to share the best new music we’re currently listening to. Tailored by those who hangout in the office, our Week In Review is a quick and punchy shortlist for songs you should be listening to, as recommended by our team. A long list this week, watch this space as we collate the best new music week by week. Whether you’re kicking back with a bev’ or need new sounds, be sure to check out our Soundcloud too.


Hockey Dad – Jump The Gun


Garage rock duo Hockey Dad have graced us with another taste of their debut album Boronia called ‘Jump the Gun’. Having already heard the overwhelmingly catchy track ‘So Tired’, the latest releases are a modern twist on 60s surf rock. Inspired by an Endless Summer II poster that hangs on drummer Billy Fleming’s bedroom wall, the track begins with euphoric, stringy guitars. It then stems into the bop-worthy summer anthem we need to warm up our chilly July. The chorus “I don’t wanna go home, I’m having too much fun, I don’t wanna go home, so leave me alone” is begging for you to sing along. Midway through the track, the bold vocals of Stephenson pairs with the increasing tempo to build the song further, finishing with one last salute to the to the summer we are anxiously anticipating. Once a long lost demo, the summery vibes and dreamy vocals of ‘Jump The Gun’ leaves you thinking of balmy nights and bevs.

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Blood Orange – Best To You Ft. Empress Of


Freetown Sounds hallmarks Blood Orange’s thoughts on everything transcending right now. From cultural appropriation, feminism and police brutality, Dev Hynes does not shy away from hashtag mentality; breaking down the discourses of these moments through aching and solidarity. Whispering knowledge through feeling, it’s the magnetic forces of this record that elevate it’s sonic makeup beyond small stories, snippets of blackness and feverish melodrama. Indeed, ‘Best Of You’ illustrates the best of these broken hearts; a selfless recollection of streamlined serenades and distant longing. Shining vocal spotlight on Lorely Rodriguez, the track swallows up Hynes, rattling through acute loss of identity that can come with a one-sided relationship. Overwhelming at times, ‘Best Of You’ uses repetition to create nausea to encircle these sensations, allowing words to crunch, vaporise and fall away between pulsating crescendos.

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Roots Manuva – On A High


Roots Manuva is incomparable. He’s unapologetic in style in the sense of not having to live up to anyone but himself.  He’s the type of artist that has always been ahead of the game and his intro/retrospective way of thinking always come through and commands attention. He’s shared his new track On A Highfrom the deluxe version of his upcoming album, Bleeds. “We’re on a high, and we don’t need a thing but us, just us, just us” is a stoney-dream chorus seeps into your brain. Evenly matched sharp verses dictate the strengths and weaknesses of a relationship. The combination of the two set a euphoric and grim scene of the high that comes with it. Raw raps infused with electronic synthetic blends are coupled in matrimony. This gives a good taste of what’s to come from Bleeds, available August 19th.

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Penthouse Penthouse & Bobby Saint – Upload


Teaming up with R&B babe Bobby Saint, Penthouse Penthouse dropped their brand new EP, Upload, this week. The most recent accompanying single release by the same name is a sure fire hit. Combining everything we love about the LA duo, with the Saint’s sultry vocal adding a new dimension to the always playful Penthouse Penthouse sound. The synth heavy track bumps pretty damn hard, with elements of a 90’s slow jam delicately swirled into a club ready banger; the musical answer to an LA Summer, without actually being there. Penthouse Penthouse and Bobby Saint’s Upload, is the perfect combo of sexy and fun, a lot like a tipsy Kardashian (if you’re into that).

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Agnes Obel – Familiar


Agnes Obel’s latest offering is an ethereal, haunting ode to the future. The first sounds of Obel to be released since her 2013 sophomore LP, Aventine, ‘Familiar’ is a gorgeous soundscape true to distinct Obel style. Yet, the first single off her long-awaited third album has a spark about it that strikes a different chord. While cellos, violins and fusions of folk, classical and indie-pop take hold as usual, ‘Familiar’ embodies a bolder take: from louder percussion, to a lowered male-like echo singing the track’s chorus. It’s these splits of style so seemingly foreign to Obel that it contrasts – in a good way. The use of classical instruments against a distorted vocal production allude to wider, aural, thematic elements. ‘Familiar’ is definitely a good listen for a long train ride, or even if you’re in the mood for having a deep, dark self-reflection.

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Bat For Lashes – If I Knew


Bat For Lashes song ‘If I Knew’ from their recently released album, The Bride: a melodic exploration self-discovery and love in times of confusion. Natasha Khan’s dulcet vocals magically intertwine with the raw and rich tunes of the piano that accompany her. ‘If I Knew’ sounds more mature that a lot of Bat For Lashes’ previous music. It expresses the feeling of relying on someone else to carry you through life but finding yourself along the way. She uses the metaphor of climbing up a mountain to evoke the emotionally stimulated sentiment that “where I was going took time”. Bat For Lashes haunting and ethereal vocals infuses a sense of nostalgia in the song that, when combined with the simplistic lyrics, creates a unique emotional tone that makes ‘If I Knew’ a beautiful evocation of self-acceptance.

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Ryan Hemsworth Ft. Keaton Henson & Mitski – Wait


Canadian DJ/producer Ryan Hemsworth releases his newest track this week, ‘Wait’ featuring Keaton Henson and Mitski. An unexpected partnership, the collaboration between Hemsworth and folk extraordinaire’s Keaton Henson and Mitski is surprisingly complimentary. A very different sound for all involved, ‘Wait’ is simple yet powerful; utilising the best aspects of each artists unique musical signature. Keaton and Mitski’s haunting vocal combined with Hemsworth’s left of centre production style create a darker sound for the trio, Hemsworth in particular – who is known for his playful, upbeat approach. ‘Wait’ is an interesting track to say the least and I’m excited to see what the three have in store for us next.

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