Up-and-coming New Zealand blues rocker band Mini Simmons are about to break out into the atmosphere with the release of their new single Southern Cold this Friday. The song promises to be the perfect blend of blues and pop that is bound to leave your teeth chattering for more. The song finds the band delving into a world of love and betrayal of which many fans old and new will be able to identify with and find a moment of empowerment from.

Southern Cold explores love, betrayal and self-inflicted loss laid bare against the canvas of a Southern winter.” – Mini Simmons

The band exploded into the music scene of Auckland, New Zealand, with their fresh melding of blues and rock that borrows the musical stylings of the 70’s and updates it for the current day. Southern Cold was originally envisioned as an acoustic ballad with a soulful melody, whose expressive lyrics would match any particular worldview. After extensive re-working, the single transformed into the vibrant, modern-blues sound that has transfixed many listeners.

“Love and War, burn wild in your eyes.” –  Southern Cold

Mini Simmons have found themselves on the verge of a breakthrough within the music scene and Southern Cold may be the very single to tip them over the edge. The band intend to follow up their previously released EP Whisky and the Witch, featuring singles Slippery Gypsy Woman, Bar Dance, and Witching Hour, with their first album which is expected to be released in early March of next year. Mini Simmons promise that the work will be full of the raw emotion and virile melodic blues that have encapsulated their previous work.

You can catch Mini Simmons live this New Year’s Eve at Tides 2018 NYE Festival in Tauranga. For more information or tickets, click here.

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