Is it hot in here? Prepare to get hot under the collar as master provocateur Gaspar Noe’s latest controversial film, Love gets a limited release in Melbourne this October.

Stamped with an R-rating and strong consumer advice (scenes of actual sexual activity, graphic nudity and sexual themes), Australian distributors Exile Entertainment and Bounty Entertainment have announced an exclusive limited season at Melbourne’s Lido Cinemas from October 29, with one-off event screenings in selected cinemas in Sydney and Melbourne.

Shot in confronting 3D, Love was met with a standing ovation in Cannes following its premiere, and encountered sold out sessions at all three screenings at Melbourne International Film Festival this year, as well as its NSW premiere at Sydney Underground Film Festival.

Having garnered international acclaim for his previous films, Enter The Void and Irreversible, Noe’s latest explicit exploration is regarded as his most outrageous, ambitious and personal effort to date: a no-holds-barred, no-shots-prohibited exploration of love at its most primal; engorged and sensuously beautiful.

Aspiring filmmaker Murphy lives with his girlfriend Omi and their unexpected child, Gaspar, while harbouring deep fantasies about Electra, the woman he left behind. As he revisits the erotically charged memories of their young, reckless love, he must come to terms with the damage wreaked by lust and the sins that led to their downfall.

Monster Fest Presents will host a special advance screening of Love at Lido Cinemas on Friday, October 23.

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