Melbourne Music Week (MMW) will return in 2014 for its fifth year, meaning another nine-day celebration of Melbourne’s expansive and fruitful music scene. The festival will again partner with promoters, venues, labels and businesses to facilitate second to none live performances that are equally enjoyable to both the musicians and the patrons.

Expressions of interest for MMW have now opened, meaning that individuals, groups and businesses can now apply to participate in the running of events. There are three categories of applicants; The Hub for established promoters, labels and businesses who seek to co-present an event at an iconic Melbourne location; Live Music Safari for venues willing to open their doors for free as part of MMW; Self-Made for local Victorian promoters, labels and businesses to create self-managed events; and The Umbrella Program for established promoters, labels and businesses who want to run an event as part of MMW. 

Applications are open until 5pm Monday, June 9th. For more information visit