Megan Washington is set to embark upon a national tour ahead of her highly anticipated album, ‘There There’.

Washington’s new album is said to sound pop, chronicling stories of people and specific people at that. Washington explains:

“In my mind, every single one of these songs has a name in brackets afterwards.”

“The people in the songs know who they are. I certainly do.”

The first two singles to come off the album, ‘Who Are You’ and ‘Limitless’ show that Washington has constructed lyrically intimate recollections of life, love and other such things in a disguise of catchy hooks and upbeat backdrops.

“I wrote all the songs I was afraid to write,” she said.

“I wrote about living with anxiety, bad sex, being unfaithful, how much I loved the person I was unfaithful to, waking up in hospital, the heart-cracking sadness at the end of a party, being reckless and selfish and losing my best friend. I told the truth, as best I remember.”

Washington has been intrepid in her songwriting, and in that honesty, there is sure to be a relatable streak that will tug at many listeners.

It is not only through her songwriting that Washington has faced her hardships head on. She recently stood before a large crowd at the Sydney Opera House for a TEDx Talk, revealing her stutter. Through the difficulties of a speech impediment, Washington bravely took to the stage to talk.

“Singing for me is sweet relief. It is the only time when I feel fluent.”

“…which is why, before I sing, I want to tell you what singing means to me. It’s more than making nice sounds, and it’s more than making nice songs. It’s more than feeling known or understood. It’s more than making you feel the things I feel. It’s not about mythology, or mythologising myself to you. Somehow, through some miraculous syntactic function of the human brain, it’s impossible to stutter when you sing.”

“I’ve never really talked about it before. I used to try and be all the things that I want to be whilst suppressing it or trying to disguise it,” she told the crowd. “But now I think I’d like to be whatever I am, despite it.”

With that mindset, Washington’s new album tackles a new found contentment with who she is, flaws and all.

The album was made with Sam Dixon (Sia, Adele). Washington ran into him one day, by chance, while in London. They had met while Washington toured with Sia. Dixon, a songwriter/bassist and producer ended up joining Washington to co-write a song, something clicked and then they began to work together.

It has been a big couple of years for Washington. After touring ARIA award winning album ‘I Believe You Liar’, she starred in a film, Michael Kantor’s ‘The Boy Castaways’.

This Monday, July 7, Australian Story will air a special episode, where Megan talks in more depth about her speech impediment. The episode will go back in time to explore her time in speech therapy which helped lead her to a life of music, and of singing. The episode airs at 8.00pm on ABC1.

Washington’s tour will fly along the usual tour route, stopping in Melbourne, Fremantle, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane throughout August ahead of her album release on September 12.


Tuesday 19th August: The Corner Melbourne
Venue Box Office / 1300 724 867 /

Friday 22nd August: Fly By Night, Fremantle
Venue Box Office / 08 9430 5976 /

Saturday 23rd August: Uni Bar, Adelaide
Oztix / 1300 762 545 /

Thursday 28th August: Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
Moshtix / 1300 438 849 /

Saturday 30th August: The Zoo, Brisbane
Oztix / 1300 762 545 /