It’s been pretty under wraps because it came out via Stereogum via Reddit (?????) today, but here it is: the second collaboration between British producer Mark Ronson and Tame Impala frontman (‘our Aussie’) Kevin Parker, to be released on Ronson’s forthcoming third album Uptown Special.

Having already released ‘Daffodils’ – a bouncy, welcome midpoint between disco and psychedelia – the pair have taken a more gritty, less produced approach to making 70s-inspired pop music this time around. Riffage in the vein of a more-fuzzed-out George Harrison replaces squeaky clean synth riffs, with the techni-colourful sentiment of leaving Los Angeles (or road trippin’ the States in general) reigning supreme. The cherry on the cake is the harpsichord solo at the end – it kind of resembles ‘Sweet Home Alabama’.

‘Leaving Los Feliz’ will be on Uptown Special, which also includes the chart-topping ‘Uptown Funk’ with Bruno Mars. The album will be released on January 30th via RCA.