It’s been far too long since British music royalty/sunglasses enthusiast Mark Ronson has shaken it in a characteristically fun, pastel-hued video clip. His latest video, a funky, upbeat collaboration with Bruno Mars called (aptly) ‘Uptown Funk’, is a jubilant reminder of everything we’ve been missing over these past few desolate years.  The clip sees Ronson, Mars, and their all-singing and all-dancing, suited-up pals dancing in the streets of old New York partaking in all kinds of old-timey activities, such as dancing synchronously, getting their shoes shined and chilling in the street in the middle of the day. Oh, and getting their hair did.

While Ronson pops up now and then to provide smouldering nods and beautiful blank expressions, Mars is the true star of this ’50s/’60s throwback. In his pink blazer, shiny leather shoes and bandana, he dances, shuffles, jives and swings in a way that will make you blush (is it just me or is it almost impossible not to like that guy?) The song is unremittingly groovy, bopping and infectious, too.

Regard the frivolous retro activities for yourself. Ronson’s new album Uptown Special will be released January 27 2015.