Dreams really do come true.

British producer/overlord of cool Mark Ronson has just premiered two songs from his forthcoming third album Uptown Special – the first is titled ‘Uptown Funk’ and features Bruno Mars. The second, titled ‘Daffodils’, is a musical match made in heaven. Singing on the track is fellow genius producer/frontman of Tame Impala, Kevin Parker; who delivers fluttery, filtered vocals over a presumably collaborative (and thus totally fucking awesome) psychedelic disco beat.

And it doesn’t stop there. It would appear that this collaboration, although before today unbeknownst to anybody, is not a one-off. Kevin Parker will feature on a range of songs on Uptown Special — three of which he will feature on vocals.

And you know what??? It doesn’t even stop there. An additional Tame Impala bootleg recording has emerged from a couple of days ago, indicating that their enigmatic third album will be a ripper. You can listen to both ‘Daffodils’ and their new recording here. This feels like Christmas.

Uptown Special will be released on January 27th via RCA Records. Here is Kevin Parker and misc. band (‘Kevin Spacey’) performing ‘Daffodils’ at Perth’s Claremont Hotel at some point last year: