If you’ve ever needed that extra special dose of heart-warming solidarity, Mahalia has you covered with the release of her new track, ‘One Night Only’. On the eve of being named number 1 on Youtube Music’s ‘One To Watch’ in 2019 list, Mahalia flips the script on the traditional casual-sex narrative, as the song places herself and her girlfriends in a position of power. The video encourages the legitimisation of its empowering lyrics, helping subvert the idea that women aren’t in control of their own sexual identity, a plight many women can relate to.

“You’re lucky to be with somebody like me. Baby, I’m a queen.”

Recruiting a group of her real-life friends, Mahalia invokes the female solidarity found in previous videos such as New Rules’ by Dua Lipa, in order to show the strength and unity women have in themselves and each other. As each woman stands, brimming with confidence, Mahalia underlays the reversal of typical stereotypes placed against women after a one night stand. Through the third verse, Mahalia takes charge and voices the concerns many of us can relate to as she picks up the phone and raps through the thoughts and feeling we share in the same situation.

“You must not’ve known, that I’m not, no, one night only.”

The track also features an appearance by Kojey Radical, and the chemistry between the two is palpable. As Kojey Radical highlights the opposite male-perspective of the situation, the video explores his repeated attempts at returning to another meaningless hook-up, only to be shut out, and then realise the error of his ways. One Night Only’ takes a deep look into two different perspectives and paints them in a perfect message of understanding.

The video itself also stands as an impressive feat. Utilising warm, glowing tones which complement the soulful mixed mid-tempo bounce, One Night Only’ comes together as an artistic expression of a confident statement. Mahalia wants to usher in the days in which women can be open about their feelings and what they want without being ignored or overlooked. And ‘One Night Only’ positions itself as the perfect back-up for anybody who’s determined to take charge and open their heart.

Mahalia is about to follow-up her second sold-out UK tour, embarking on a tour of Australia later this year, beginning with a set at Falls Festival in Lorne and Marion Bay from 28th-31st of December, before making her way around the country for Falls Festival shows in Byron Bay, Fremantle, as well as Field Day in Sydney. For tickets to Falls Festival click here. For tickets to Field Day click here.

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