Ever wondered what it’s like to venture inside a jumping castle? or to live in a labyrinth of passageways, lights and colour?

Architects of air have created “Luminaria”, monumental inflatable structures that have travelled the world inspiring a sense of wonder at the beauty of light and colour.


Aerial View of Exxopolis, Image source: Exxopolis Luminaria

Designed by Alan Parkinson who started experimenting with inflatable structures in the 1980’s, there are now 6 current touring Luminaria; Pentalum, Exxopolis, Miracoco, Mirazozo and Amococo.

On its road trip around the world, the Luminaria Exxopolis has been perched ontop of the Jam Factory for the past week, exhibited as part of the Glow Arts festival, running from the 14th to the 24th of August.

Spanning 53 metres in length and nearly nine meters in height, Exxopolis is constructed using 3,000 square metres of plastic and stretching to 1millimetre thin, the walls that encase this imaginary world are almost as tangible as its being, the cathedral like ceilings and mosque-esque architecture showing just how amazing a bit of light and air can really be.


Exxopolis is illuminated using 4 colours, creating amazing hybrid hues. Image source: Exxopolis

Being inside Exxopolis is what can only be described as an ant- like experience. The most awe inspiring part of the entire structure is the giant brain stem-like piece that jolts upwards in the centre of this crazed world, making you feel as though you are in the epicentre of a mystical creature’s mind or in the crater of a far off world.


Inside Exxopolis. Image source: Exxopolis


Ending its reign in Melbourne, Exxopolis is now on its way to Brisbane Festival on the 6th-26th September to finalise the Australian leg of its world tour.


LUMINARIUM: From start to finish.