Young Geelong garage punk quartet The Living Eyes have today announced their signing to Flightless/Remote Control, joining an handful of likeminded coastal garage bands such as The Murlocs et al. who are already signed to both labels. The announcement comes shortly ahead of the digital release of their second album Living Large – a feat which sees them all but abandon their bluesy roots in favour of brash guitars and screamed vocals, vaguely in the vein of Ty Segall who they supported back in December.

‘Put It Back’ is the first example of what I mean by “brash guitars and shouted vocals”, with the band premiering the song from their forthcoming album this morning on Noisey. I guess you could call it PG punk – and not really in a bad way. It’s fast, hard, but easy to listen to, oozing forth some strange sense of surf cheek that tells you that even they probably don’t take punk music entirely seriously. They still do a pretty good job at it regardless.


Living Large will be released on March 6th via Remote Control/Flightless.