Lisa Mitchell lives a creatively nomadic existence. She wanders, collecting thoughts, memories and melodies. She has a unique aptitude for carefully picking and assembling words in a storybook style, with deceiving simplicity. The doe-eyed beauty flutters from fiction to fact, never entirely one or the other. Her music is dreamy and whimsical, yet also acutely perceptive. She has the knack of communicating a certain feeling with sound; a sound and an Australian voice that is most recognisably her own. Her new single ‘Wah ha’ pays homage to her sound. The song is painted with Mitchell’s broad strokes, vocal tone and texture. It is a delightful couple of minutes. Organically made and put together the music retains an authentic quality. Her harmonies provide an all-embracing backdrop, one that is natural and homemade. It’s a warm song, hopeful and wistful.

“When I play Wah Ha to people, I notice a certain kind of lightness fills the room. The lyric takes some weight off my shoulders. Even with the new album on the table I just couldn’t wait any longer to make contact again… Releasing ‘Wah Ha’ makes me feel a bit like ET reaching his finger out into the abyss, hoping to find another,”
said Mitchell.

Mitchell wrote the song while away with her family. It was a passing thought which she scribbled down on the back of an receipt.

“I spend all my days trying to be okay, but okay, it comes and goes and I feel like I’m holding on, I feel like I’m holding on a little too strong.” 


The song was a team effort, produced by Lisa Mitchell and Tim Harvey, and was mixed by Eric J. It provides the first insight into her third pending record.

Wah ha will be free to download for a month on SoundCloud.