Inspired by his Cat News and Fish Cam clips on YouTube, I asked comedian Luis Brown about what he knows best – pussy. 

Is there anything that drives you catty?

I don’t understand. I am not driving into cats. I don’t know how to drive. I mostly use the bus. Driving into cats is not nice. These kind of questions make me very upset and confused.

Do you own any cats? How many cats have you owned in your life?

I have owned one cat. He is my best friend and his name is Catty. We were going to call him something else but I kept forgetting his name, so Catty was the easiest name I could remember. Politicians should be named like this too. There are so many and I forget their names all the time. It would be easier to call them Old Man in a Suit #1, Old Man in a Suit #2, and so on.

Do you have a favourite famous cat? Personally, I love Garfield.

The best cat would have to be my cat, Catty. He isn’t as famous as Garfield yet, but I have tried to make him famous. This is a song I wrote about him because he is the best cat in the world. Please enjoy –

How much time do you spend watching cat videos? Are there any cat videos that changed your life?

I spend at least three hours and twenty-four minutes of my day watching cat videos. Each one changes my life in a different way. This one makes my heart smile and is a good one to watch to start the day…

How do you feel about the recent rise in dog-related activities on the internet?

I think it is very disturbing because of the dog attacks. You don’t really see Cat Attacks on YouTube unless you search for a lion or tiger attacks or chasing antelope. You should stay away from lions. Especially if you are an antelope.  

Are you a fan of The Cat Empire or The Pussycat Dolls? What are you listening to right now?

They are both very talented and have great names. The only upsetting thing is none of those bands have made songs about cats. That’s upsetting and confusing. Right now I am listening to the pipes in the walls. My brother was just in the toilet and it makes a loud sound if you flush it more than once. We are only allowed to flush it once because we are trying to save water. Dad says the bills are too expensive. He flushed it again. I am telling dad.

Did the Oracle Cat help decorate your room?

My dad actually helped decorate my room. He says Brown is the colour of inspiration. It is like the colour of the earth and the earth is good. So that’s why all the walls in house are brown. I have six cat photos and glow in the dark dinosaur stickers on the ceiling that lose their stick sometimes and wake me up when they hit me in the face at night.

Have you had any cat-astrophes in your life recently that has inspired your upcoming shows?

Cats inspire me a lot, but not ‘cat-astrophes’. That isn’t even a real word, sorry. Cats are a big part of my show. They have inspired almost all of the songs in my live learning extravaganza bonanza. There is a cat rap, a cat ballad and a cat disco jam. You can never have too many cats. That is why the internet is so successful and I want to be as successful as the internet.

Do your cat friends know about Fish Cam?

All my neighbours know about Fishcam and actually featured on my show because some of them are very talented. One of my neighbours, Eggy Pancake, is in a solo saxophone band called Eggy Pancake. He featured on Fishcam and now gets discounted vegetable pancakes from the food court. That’s what happens when you become a celebrity. Here is Eggy playing his favourite song –

Finally, where did you get that amazing sweater? (The one in your videos!)

We bought if from the op shop a long time ago. It’s my show business jumper. It turns a lot of heads. Some people smile. Some people gasp. Some people point and don’t make eye contact with me. I think it is great publicity for me. It is called ‘branding’. Like Donald Trump’s hair and angry face.

You can catch Luis at ACMI as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival from the 24th of March to the 17th of April.