Leisure Suite are a local pop electronica band who have achieved so much in a very short amount of time, having garnered both a solid fan base and solid radio rotation during their short time as a band. In other words, everything seems to be falling into place for this intriguing group. They launched their debut self-titled EP at Boney on Saturday night to a capacity room of tightly-nit fans who had been eagerly following their much-hyped live shows these past few months.

Shuffling up the stairs to the Boney band room, the space was already filling up with keenly awaiting punters. The first support band Habits are a trio that share similar vibes to artists like Fever Ray and The Knife. Armed with a keyboard, drum machines and vocal processors, they instantly made heads turn with their haunting, gothic and melancholic songs that made for the perfect soundtrack to the ever-looming rain that began to fall outside. They played a set rich with confronting lyrics that could catch you off-guard and draw you deep into the dark world the band created. They stripped back their sound to just a duo for two songs as their singer carefully layered harmonies on voice with a vocal processor. They then closed their set as a three-piece again, with a powerful rendition of their relentlessly abrasive song ‘Reverend Mother’.

Next to make their way to the stage was Lanks — the pseudonym of Melbourne musician Will Cuming. The smooth melodies churned out by the performer were a perfect contrast to the previous band the audience had enjoyed. While looping the sounds coming from his slightly distorted guitar, the organic drums and numerous synths on stage filled the sonic space around Lanks’ vocals. Together Lanks and his band played through the songs from his latest EP Thousand Piece Puzzle. The stand out song from the set was the latest single called ‘Brave Man’; a song that sets up the groove and melody at the start and continues to crescendo until its conclusion.

While Lanks and his band walked off the stage, the room had begun to fill to capacity. The energy during the change over time at shows can sometimes drop and be an effort to retain as the new artist assembles their equipment. Impressively, this was not the case thanks to the DJ sets of Rat @ Co during the evening’s interludes. The infectious grooves laid down on the decks spoke for themselves as the crowd danced and replenished their thirsts, if not more in these sets than they did for the other bands during the night.

With the anticipation in the room at its peak, Leisure Suite entered the stage led by charismatic front woman Bridgette Le. Just at quickly as they’d appeared, the band launched into their first two songs. The crowd quickly found their feet as the familiar beats of ‘Haze’ began to take shape and then transcended into the mellow, synthesized feel of ‘Ease Away’. The engaging energy of Le towards the audience was reciprocal as the room sang the chorus line “I’m waiting for, there’s something more, ease it all away”.

Guitarist Mitchell Wood’s clean, delayed guitar and SU’s reverbed Fender Jazzmaster traded places as the familiar and captivating sounds of their song ‘Great Expectations’ began to filter forth from the two stage kin. This was the moment when the audience summoned their remaining energy and let loose dancing. Very seldom do you go watch an artist play and the words from an entire song can be heard from the people standing either side of you, and yet, a sing along came as no surprise as the lyrics began; “I’ve lost control of everything I need someone to pull me out of the mess I’m in”.

The night then came to a close with ‘Falling Under’. It was a fitting end to the show as this song is also the closing song from their EP. The lights went down then the band left the stage, walking through the crowd thanking everyone for making the night something special.