Here it is, the 3rd annual Leaps and Bounds Music Festival is back with a bucket load of acts, events, and conferences to keep those beautiful, creative minds buzzing.

Kicking off July 3rd and running until July 17th, venues from around Melbourne’s many suburbs (including but not limited to Fitzroy, Clifton Hill, Collingwood, Richmond, Abbotsford, North Carlton) will host more than 300 events, showcasing a whopping 800 acts throughout the festival. These include horror-country ensemble Graveyard Train to Aboriginal music talent and dance Smith Street Dreaming, The Scientists at the Corner Hotel to Tributes to Inspirations and Living Legends, FreeZa Shows to Music Victoria Panels, Late night hangs at Control HQ to the closing party at Yah Yah’s.

Safe to say, in today’s technological age, the celebration of human creation and local culture is as important as it ever was, and the festival works to bring communities together on a platform of music, education, art, and parties. Yes… parties.
The festival recognises those physical artefacts of creative expression you might not find scrolling through your Facebook feed, nor double tapping on Kim K’s Instagram.
For those 2 weeks, Leaps and Bounds will look after you very well.

You can check out the official website here to keep up to date with festival news, events and ticket sales.
I would link their Facebook page also, but that might just void the argument I had above.