Coney Island queen Lana Del Rey has teased the world by leaking her stunning new track ‘Honeymoon‘ from her forthcoming album of the same name.

The sultry songstress first burst onto the scene with her debut album Born To Die, spawning the hit tracks ‘Video Games’, ‘National Anthem’ and ‘Summertime Sadness’. The New York-born singer even wrote a track for Baz Luhrmann‘s glitzy big screen outing The Great Gatsby in 2013.

Known for the her David Lynch inspired languid lilts and lovesick lyrics, Del Rey is back to her cinematic croony best with ‘Honeymoon’. The song comes with a lyric “clip”, opening with a home video style segment.

A now brunette Del Rey lies dreamily in the grass, a scene that’s cut between shots of a highway and passing cars below. This is the first 30 seconds, and the rest is a simple pink and flower-patterned backdrop with the lyrics to ‘Honeymoon’ displayed.

The song lends itself to more cinematic influences, with its eerie and drawn out baroque-pop string section and echoey vocals. Del Rey opens with the lines “we both know that it’s not fashionable to love me”, and the evocative tone is well and truly set.

‘Honeymoon’ is a blend of haunting melodies set to a nostalgic orchestral trance, and a stunning taste of what’s to come from Ms Del Rey!

Honeymoon is expected to be released in September.