Melbourne-based writer vocalist Kira Puru, has released the accompanying music clip for her latest single ‘All Dulled Out‘.

A collision of shiny, electro pop with heavy, sorrowful vocals, the track is a melancholic attack on the universal break-up song, and where better to explore heartbreak than an empty hotel room.

The clip juxtaposes a contemplative Puru alongside a Star Spangled Banner sporting dancer, lolling about on the bed provocatively in the soft pink haze of a single string of lights on the window – which look to be forming the word ‘fuck’ upon further inspection. Plus, there’s confetti.

Directed by Josh Harris with cinematography by Thomas Smeets, the slo-mo, moody and ambitious nature of the clip is what draws you in, especially when Puru croons over luscious and distorted synths “I hear you’re doing well” in the later refrain.

‘All Dulled Out’ marks the first single from her forthcoming EP and her debut as a solo artist. Puru teamed up with musician friend and producer Jamieson Shaw of Turning Studio, to create the track.