National hero, TV presenter, freedom fighter, Tony Abbott-vilifier and Lee Lin Chin battleground opponent Karl Stefanovic, i.e. Karlos, proved yet again that he is the unofficial King of Australia at the Stereosonic Festival on Sunday night. In a move that has been dubbed ‘epic’ by many, Stefanovik introduced electronic duo Peking Duk from behind his Today Show desk, delivering the gem:

‘Now you should know by now that I love nothing more than getting absolutely Peking Duked at a music festival…But alas, I can’t get Peking Duked this year because of bloody work.’

Oh Karlos… People are only going to love you more now that they think you’re pro-pingers. Funnily enough, a move like this is no longer surprising from maker of the sexism suit/owner of a ‘long, pokey thing’.

The video has already reached a quarter of a million views on Facebook since Sunday, so view the straight-faced tomfoolery for yourself if you haven’t already.