The son of a comedian and a clown, Jordie Lane is not short on stories to tell.

The Melbourne-based singer-songwriter picked up a ukulele at the tender age of 4, and a guitar at 9, and hasn’t put the later down ever since.

With plenty of albums and EP’s to his name, Jordie is known for his relentless touring schedule, but will take some time out later this month to partake in an Australian tribute show of The Beatles.

Rubber Soul/Revolver will be a world-first live performance of both albums – back to back – in track order, and Jordie will play alongside Husky Gawenda, Kiwi troubadour Marlon Williams and KINGSWOOD frontman Fergus Linacre.

I caught up with Jordie to discuss the legacy of The Beatles and how their music has influenced his own…

When did you first discover The Beatles music?

I was 10 years old, when I made a new friend at primary school, who took me round to his place, and showed me all of their albums!

What was your first impression?

I was amazed.

Did they influence your decision to become a singer? If so, how?

Completely. It was Paul and John that became our idols, and we began dressing like them,
performing their songs at school concerts and busking in shopping malls wearing tight turtle necks and round sunglasses. We began teaching ourselves to write songs using the Beatles repertoire as the template. Learning the importance of song structure, melody, and performance style. They shaped my idea of what a career as a singer could be. Albeit, a dream like scenario.

Do you have a favourite Beatles album?

Would have to be Revolver.

What songs mean the most to you?

‘I’m Only Sleeping’ is one I totally identify with. All about trying to steer clear of conforming to social pressures, like getting up early and going to work and speeding through life just cause you think that’s what you’re meant to do. I love sleeping in, and living in a dream world. I also love ‘Eleanor Rigby’. the production of bring an orchestral octet together with a acoustic folk song was a relatively new thing at the time, and it’s a brilliant display of a bands creativity and collaboration with their producer.

Do you have a favourite of the Fab Four? Who and why?

When we were growing up I seemed to look a fair bit like Paul and my friend like John. So we just assumed those positions as who we emulated and aspired to. But I did always love McCartney’s sense of melody and rhythm within his instrumental playing too.

You are doing a tribute show of Rubber Soul and Revolver in July/August. What are you most looking forward to about the concerts?

The scale of these concerts is massive. We talkin’ all the big concert halls in the country. I’m of course very excited about being on stage at the Sydney Opera House, never done that before. Singing all these brilliant songs is gonna be a treat. And to do it on stage with Fergus and Marlon and Husky is gonna be a lotto fun too. I’m also really looking forward to that first moment I hear the 13-piece band kick in behind us re-creating everything on the albums! It’s gonna be epic!

The White Album concerts with Chris Cheney, Phil Jamieson, Josh Pyke and Tim Rogers seemed to kick-start this concept. Had you seen/heard about them beforehand? Thoughts?

I had heard of these concerts happening, and I think this is actually the 3rd or 4th time the producers have put together these Beatles shows in Australia, so it was a no brainer to say yes to an opportunity like this.

Did you know the other three artists you’ll be performing with before these shows came about?

I just met Fergus this year when we found out we’d be doing this Beatles show! In 2011 I met Husky and his band and we collaborated on an East Coast tour we did called ‘Storm In A Tea Cup’. Later in 2011 I did this show in Paekakariki, New Zealand and the other band on the bill was led by this tall kid named Marlon Williams. He ended up supporting my whole tour in NZ in 2012 and we became good mates. They are all absolute talents and true gentlemen!

Which of the two albums Rubber Soul and Revolver do you prefer?

Revolver. I think that’s where things really start to get edgy with The Beatles production style, and things open up into a psychedelic world of brilliance.

Are there any particular songs off those records you are most looking forward to/dreading playing live? Have you worked out who’ll be doing what?

I’m really looking forward to singing ‘In My Life’ from Rubber Soul and ‘I’m Only Sleeping’ from Revolver. But I can’t lie that I’ve been waking up with initial feelings of dread each morning that I’ve taken on such epic albums to help re-create! It’s all very organised between us guys and the band and producers on whose doing what, but there’s always the chance things can change in the final hours before we take it to the stage!

Why do you think The Beatles have remained so relevant over time?

Because they unlocked the secrets to time travel, and have been going back and forth ever since to remain the most relevant!


Thursday, 30th July
Concert Hall, Brisbane

Saturday, 1st August
Riverside Theatre, Perth

Sunday, 2nd August
Festival Theatre, Adelaide

Tuesday, 4th August
Arts Centre, Melbourne

Wednesday, 5th August
Arts Centre, Melbourne

Thursday, 6th August
Canberra Theatre Centre, Canberra

Friday, 7th August
Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House

Saturday, 8th August
Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House

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