Two years on from his last film appearance in Skum Rocks! and four years on from his last album Welcome 2 My Nightmare, Alice Cooper continues to expand a now-middle-aged artistic repertoire that will probably never be stopped, announcing the reformation of a drinking club happily abandoned in the 70s.

The Hollywood Vampires once included half of The Beatles (in the 70s though – bad news), Bernie Taupin, The Monkees’ Micky Dolenz and The Who’s Keith Moon. The club’s purpose back then was to attach a title to famous musicians drinking with other famous musicians, but now it seems that the club’s purpose has matured alongside Cooper to encompass more than just a reminder that he hangs out with other famous people. Instead, he’s one-upped even Dave Grohl on the supergroup spectrum by getting Johnny Depp to be in his band – as in the famous actor who once famously said that actors who start bands launched from their pre-existing fame make him sick; and thus, his latest move is a superband first – a non-musician who reviles everything that comprises a superband has joined a superband. With this said though, Depp has collaborated with musicians before, playing guitar for Oasis, Ryan Adams, and Willie Nelson among others.

Joining the fun is Joe Perry. That’s right! The Joe Perry. As in the former guitarist of Aerosmith. Word has it that the trio have been jamming to covers of The Doors, The Beatles and Hendrix in their spare time after Depp and Cooper met on the set of Dark Shadows where they were both playing (what else but) vampires. Typical.

Anyway, we’ll let you know when tickets are available to their double headline show with Them Crooked Vultures.