Adelaide Mc Jimblah has just premiered his new video for single ‘Sing with you’- Featuring the delicate sounds of  Zaachariaha Fielding.

The video is true to its live recording and truly captures a snippet into real life families and friends. Made up of fans that volunteered  in responding to a casting call, Jimblah explained that ‘Sing with you’ is about courage, guidance and praising our women.

A powerful image gets created with use of the live volunteers, nothing was very structured says the director.Shot at Mont Park asylum In Melbourne’s Latrobe university gives it an eery feeling, addressing racism  through intense dialogue,  make this a music video a truly provoking art piece.


‘Sing with you’ is the latest single off Jimblah’s album Phoenix the MC, producer and  vocalist will be playing at Melbourne’s BIGSOUND  music conference in Brisbane on Thursday, September 11.