American hip-hop darling Janelle Monáe works up a sarcastic sweat in her latest clip ‘Yoga‘ with Jidenna.

Directed by Dave Meyers (Missy Elliott, OutKast), the video sees the singer showing off her flexibility in the mirror and dancing with her “girls” in their own private workout session.

It begins like a straight up reference to the recent Academy Award-winning Birdman, with a back shot of Monáe cross-legged and levitating a la Michael Keaton. We pan around to the front of her and she says – hilarious in a demonic, male synth voice – “Let your booty do that yoga!”.

The tongue-in-cheek track is riddled with euphemisms (think “downward dog” and “baby bend over”), and by the finale, a crown-wearing Monáe and her posse have taken over the diner where Jidenna is sitting.

Overall, it’s a lot of crop tops, hot pink leggings and demands to “bend over!”.

Her latest collaboration with Jidenna — a member of Monae’s Wondaland Records — is a taste of what to expect from the Wondaland/Epic Records EP compilation Wondaland Presents The Eephus, expected to drop in June.