Melbourne musician Georgia Fields has released a beautifully scenic clip in celebration of her new single ‘The Hood and the Hunter’.

The clip is reminiscent of the Little Red Riding Hood fairytale, with Fields playing both roles of the innocent hooded girl and the fierce hunter. The song is a modern take on the folk tale and presents the idea of the strong and the slight and the hood and the hunter, as her vocals mirror this idea being powerful and forceful, then soft and delicate.

‘As women, we are often told that we can only be one thing at a time. Young or wise. Old or sexy. Artist or business person. Scientist or spiritual. Hood or Hunter.’

The song carries a spooky air and moves and shifts with echoing, layered, repetitive chorus and bare verse.

The video was shot in the foot hills of Ballarat, and well embodies the music in a visual medium. So often the landscape imprints a mark on the making of the music, and this location with towered pine trees and twig laden woodland suits the song. It appears like something out of an old fable, with big mushrooms and moss on the forest floor. It has a mythical quality to it.

Independent filmmaker Rohan Spong directed the video with styling and costume design by Solange Mardones. Spong and Fields wanted to include a diverse range of women for the project, and endeavoured to steer away from the normal prototype of women in music videos and indeed their role in the world. The result was unique and showcased over 25 different women and girls.      

The track has a driving beat and suspense swimming. Fields teamed up with electronic producer Tim Shiel (Gotye, Bertie Blackman, Faux Pas) and the rhythmic and organic sounds foot stomping in the background indicate his role in shaping the overall effect and style of the song.

The album was made possible by a successful crowd-funding campaign. Fields welcomed support with quaint little rewards such as a picnic and ukulele lesson, or a custom-decorated tambourine painted and signed by Fields herself.

The single is taken from her forthcoming sophomore album Astral Debris which will be available from the 27th of June.

You can find out more about her upcoming album on her Facebook page, or on her website.