Right now, the destruction of Nepal’s devastating earthquakes are undeniable. With an estimated 8,249 casualties, an alarming 17,838 injured and only $160.1 million recieved in volunteer funds, the people of Nepal need our help more than ever.

While donating to funds is an option we highly recommend, The Shadow Electric Bandroom have announced an alternative that will not only peak interests in the local music community, but altruistically raise money towards funding the Nepalis.

Featuring GL, Oscar Key Sung (DJ set), Edd Fisher & Simon TK (Wax’o Paradiso), King Puppy & The Carnivore, and Moksha, the Shadow Electric will transform Melbourne’s iconic Abbotsford Convent into a fundraising night bathed in dance, music and like minded people.

In addition to the musicians and DJ’s already helping the cause, there will be traditional Nepali dancers and music provided by The Nepali Community, alongside drinks, food and local expats.

For you chance to get involved with the fundraiser, head to Shadow Electric for a night out that will make a difference and impact the Nepali community where they need it.

Help Nepal Fundraiser
Sunday May 31st

Shadow Electric Bandroom
6.00pm – 11.00pm
Tickets* on sale now @ shadowelectric.com.au

*100% of door proceeds raised through this appeal will be used to meet the immediate and early recovery needs of those affected by the earthquake.