For those of you who aren’t already familiar with Harmony, try to picture two vastly different bands within one: the first half being a three-piece punk band, and the second a fluttering and angelic white-soul trio. Two bands whose differences somehow align to create an odd, intensive, and at times beautiful unison (…or harmony). On the cusp of their April Carpetboming tour of the east coast, frontman Tom Lyngcoln takes us through some of the tracks that have inspired him over the years; from his dog’s favourite song of 2013 to his first “real sexual crossroads” – and a few things in between.

1. The best Australian song from 2013

Three way tie for the following songs:

Dick Diver – Languages of Love: Even my dog knows this song it got played so many times in the house. It associates it with food. I think of learning Indonesian in high school.

TV Colours – Beverly: This is a monster of a song from the best album of last year.

Deep Heat – In My Dreams: Deep Heat are stupidly talented and this song only just made it onto a seven inch.

2. A song by your dream collaboration

Don Walker – Young GirlsWe are lucky to have achieved our dream collaboration with national treasure Don Walker. This song stone cold kills me.

Moon Martin – Hands DownMoon Martin is most well know for writing Bad Case Of Loving You later recorded by Robert Palmer, but he is the understated master of gloom. Check out the middle eight of this classic.

3. A song you would go back and write if given the chance

Blaze Foley – Oval RoomA friend of Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt, Blaze Foley lived in his car for most of his adult life and died stepping in front of a man trying to shoot another hobo. This song is one of the most perfectly crafted and angry songs I have ever heard.

4. The best/worst love ballad ever

Cheap Trick – The FlameThis band are incredible even to this day. Robin Zander’s voice is a mountain of pain. When I saw them five years ago Rick Nielson through out about 300 guitar picks into the crowd. He had a bucket and would play a chord, throw a pick, play a chord, throw a … etc. for 45 minutes. It was amazing. Zander had the flu and still belted this out like he was trying to sleep with my wife.

5. A song by your favorite Australian artist/band ever

Little Ugly Girls: This is how I want all my bands to sound. Raw Power.

6. A song by a friend

Sea Scouts – Song For Che: This song reminds of 1990’s Hobart and is played by my mates Alex and Tim.

7. Your favorite song with a girl’s name as the title

Arthur Russell – Janine: Poor Arthur. Too talented for earth.

The Ramones – Judy Is A Punk: The Ramones changed everything. Look at the crowd… they don’t even know where to begin…

(Not a typo)

8. A song by a band more people should know about

Here’s three bands that are ruling right now and all have amazing clips:

High Tension

King Parrot


9. A song from the first album you ever bought

Motley Crue – Shout At The Devil: I thought they were women for the first few months. A real sexual crossroads … terrifying.

10. A song that changed your life

Dead Kennedys – Chemical Warfare: This was my first exposure to punk rock and it definitely changed everything.


Dates for Harmony’s Carpetbombing tour are below:

April 3 – Brisbane: Black Bear Lodge
Supports: Gentle Ben & Per Purpose $12 +BF

April 4 – Sydney: Good God
Supports: Day Ravies & Angie $10+bf

April 5 – Canberra: The Phoenix Bar
Supports: Hoodlum Shouts & Sex Noises
$5 on the door.

April 12 – Hobart: The Brisbane Hotel
Supports: Native Cats & Naked $12+bf

April 26 – Melbourne: The Howler.
Suports: Deaf Wish, Tyrannamen, Laura Imbruglia, Bj morriszonkle. Plus a very special secret guest. $12 +bf