After a whirlwind six months touring their debut album Be Impressive abroad, The Griswolds are finally back on home soil to feed Australian fans their first taste of their long awaited LP.

Six stringer Daniel Duque-Perez gave Speaker TV an insiders look at some of the images captured on tour in the USA, as well as taking us through some of his inspirations, album title reasoning and who he has been diggin’ lately on the Aus music front.

What’s your earliest memory of performing and who inspired you to start?
High school for sure, I think it was for an exam or something and I remember trying to do ‘Enter Sandman’ with a few friends that could play instruments. Needless to say at the age of 15 and 16 trying to do a Metallica song was never gonna sound good hahaha. Metallica was a huge inspiration for me to get into music.

I think it was single handedly Metallica actually…..

What and where was the first gig you went to?
Van Halen!

It was also my first date and her dad had tickets and took us. I thought it was the worst music on earth but then again that night was also my first kiss too. She later dumped me on valentines day hahaha brutal.
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What is your most cherished album in your collection?
Right now I would say Nothing Was The Same by Drake.

In one word, describe your live performances.

Can you explain the album title – “Be Impressive”?
Yeah, it is a tongue in cheek mantra that we the band had when we were writing our record. Everyone was putting us under so much pressure, “guys it’s gotta be hits!” “It’s gotta be this” “it’s gotta be that” and it kinda sucked, in the end we just wrote what WE as a band liked and thought it would be funny to name the album BE IMPRESSIVE because everyone was expecting us to be so impressive with our writing.
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Whats the biggest difference between crowds in Aus and crowds overseas?
The accent is different, and people in the USA make sure they get their super early to catch all the support acts.

What was the best/worst part about making the insanely gruesome clip for ‘Beware The Dog’?
We filmed it the day before Chris and Tim had to fly to America on our tour. They were on set until about 4am and basically had to head home grab their bags n go straight to the airport. That would’ve sssssuuuucccckkkkkeeeeddddd
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Are there any particular musical icons you idolized in the current musical landscape?
Kanye West

Who has the worst studio/tour habit?
Me for sure, I snore.
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If you could choose one person, living or deceased, to collaborate with musically, who would it be and why?
Katy Perry, I don’t like her music but she’s mega hot.

What gigs/bands/albums are you diggin’ lately?

Love this question…..

Bear Hands – Distraction
Broods – Evergreen
Violent Soho – Hungry Ghost

Little Daylight
Magic Man
Theophilus London
The Mowgli’s
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….you know, just hanging out with Broods.

What’s coming up for The Griswolds?

We start our Australian tour on September 25th to celebrate our album release! It’s gonna be party vibes and we are gonna put in a special effort to try and play every song of the new album for everyone.
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*Photo by Raised By Wolves

Catch The Griswolds live around the country starting this week when it kicks off at The Corner Hotel from September 25.

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