Goodbye sweet prince(s).

Comedic radio show hosts Matt & Alex have tearfully announced that they will be airing their last breakfast radio show on December 16th, which is just too darn early if you ask me. The boys have given so much of themselves to Triple J: from an exquisite Lana Del Ray ‘West Coast‘ homages, to reviving Darude’s ‘Sandstorm‘ for new audiences, they now feel it’s time to leave behind the show and search for greener pastures. Apart from catching up on some many deserved sleep ins, Alex has his sights set on some to travel, while Matt is opting to focus on his acting.

Back in the day, in 2007 to be exact, teenage Alex Dyson began presenting at Triple J securing Triple J breakfast segment, and sharing his adult milestones with his listeners: share houses, tax return, the lot. Matt Okine, who was awarded the Best Newcomer at the 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, joined Alex after the departure of Tom Ballard and their quick wit and antics helped them soon become Triple J icons.

After all, Triple J Content Director Ollie Wards has declared “…I’m genuinely a massive fan…(of their) ludicrous talkback (and) WTF moments.”

But before they go, it is worth reminiscing about all they have done on the show to make it their own. Below are some of the most iconic and downright loveable moments of their show host careers.

Matt and Alex surprise Unearthed High winner Gretta Ray

The boys garb themselves in high school uniform and sneak up on unsuspecting winner Gretta Ray from Princes Hill Secondary College, who won the 2016 Unearthed High Competition. High school students enter their best music track to be mastered for radio broadcast and receive industry advice. This has got to be one of the best examples where the boys really go the extra mile to make someone smile considering their achievement.

Matt and Alex triple j-ump off              

The boys hit up Sydney’s Unigames Games on a scorcher of a day to have fun and get sporty. This is a testament to how multi-talented they are, and the dynamic competitive rivalry they can display! Despite a small setback, they make it into the finals the triple jump “in style.”

Doin’ Numbers – Matt and Alex

The meme-worthy rap is more than a laugh- it surprisingly serves as a social commentary on society’s increasing obsession with getting those likes, follows and reblogs in huge numbers by posting at the right time. They convey the glory with getting high post ratings on social media platforms, as well as the downside: losing your job, your partner etc, in a strangely comedic, Aussie colloquial light. Typical Matt and Alex Style. If you purchase the song on iTunes, the proceeds go the Headspace Foundation, which raises awareness surrounding good mental health.


Ice Cube and Kevin Hart check themselves with Matt & Alex

The boys aren’t just loved for their humour or friendship, but for their show host calibre! Here, they interview musicians Kevin Hart and Ice Cube with an enviable ease, cracking jokes and informing the listeners about Hart’s and Ice Cube’s endeavours in a way that seems less like a radio interview and more like a casual rant over beer.

Matt and Alex: Pack ‘er Up, Boys

Last but not least, this video sums up the classic Matt and Alex humour: sharing what seems to be an inside joke with the entire city of Melbourne. They shall be greatly missed.


This is what happens when Speaker TV and Matt & Alex get together: