It’s kinda crazy because we started writing music in a bedroom studio for fun and now we’re about release our first album on Friday!” It’s hard to believe that only a few short years ago, electronic-pop group Glades, were hanging around suburban Sydney, recording a cover of Troye Sivan’s Fools, and dreaming of the days they’d break into the music scene. Now on the eve of their first album release, the trio could not be more excited for what’s in store.

The trio, comprising of lead vocalist Karina Wykes, and multi-instrumentalist producers, Cameron Robertson and Joseph Wenceslao, have carved themselves out quite the niche in the electro-pop genre. The band began producing their own sound after finding themselves inspired by the release of Lorde’s Royals in 2013. As they looked over the different genre of music across Australia, they continued to mine inspiration in other acts such as New Zealand band, the Broods, whose indie pop stylings, helped embolden Glades sound, of which would transfer over to their first album, To Love You.

“This album is about exploring not just love but the different sides of love… We’ll be exploring the different ways you can love your friends, love yourself. Giving value to those different sides of love that we feel in life.”

Taking a look over to their album, To Love You dedicates itself to a story of finding love within yourself and allowing that love to reach out to the people in your life. “We want to get the message across about people loving each other, and developing that confidence in yourself.” The group’s goal for the album is to have their audience feel as though they can find a common connection with who they are and what they believe in, and in the current world climate, spreading a little love is something we could use some more of.

I hope that people listen and feel that they can love other people, and ask their friends if they’re okay.

With a track-list that comprises of melodies such as the hit ARIA certified gold single Do Right, to the emblazoned upcoming single Nervous Energy, Glades promise to connect with their fans on a level that allows them to feel comforted and hopeful. Thinking about their writing process, the trio have one clear statement, “We have the tendency to write really positive lyrics. It kind of naturally happens when you write songs about different types of love.” They continue,

“A melody is really important in a song but the lyrics are what resonate with people… The lyrics will keep a listener engaged in a song if it has something to stand for.”

After an exceptional reception to the group’s earlier EP This is What It’s Like, Glades decided to take a more realistic approach to the album, finding creative sparks in real life scenarios that truly emboldened their artistic path. “We took a realistic approach to our last track, ‘Through To You’. I had an experience with a friend who called me upset on the phone, and she was telling me that I was too busy and I didn’t have enough time to listen to her… We went into the recording with lyrics inspired by that experience.“ Using moments such as the former, have allowed Glades to find a relatable connection to their fans, and let them feel closer to the group, something of which is hard to replicate.

Now entering their first national tour, Glades have used the experience from their set at Listen Out earlier in the year and expanded, of which includes a whole new, broadened drum kit. Working closely with a content creator, the trio have created a set of live visuals to play behind them during their set. As this is a first for the group, they’ve taken a very serious and dedicated approach to how they’ll use the visuals to bolster the performance and make it special for the audience, feeling as though fan engagement is a crucial part of their musical practice. Looking back at their previous shows, they reflect on their experiences fondly.

“We had a moment in our Sydney show where the audience was singing one of our songs back to us. Usually, when you’re on stage, you’re caught up in the music so you never notice, but after the show, our videographer showed us the recording of the audience and it was the most surreal experience.”

Reaching new heights within the music scene, and with a dedicated fan base behind them to keep them fresh, Glades have set some big goals in mind, hoping to soon reach outside of Australia and into an international market such as the United Kingdom and the United States. However, for now, the trio only desire to see their fan base continue to grow, and hopefully, through the album’s positive message, ‘find some of that confidence within themselves.

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