Australian talents Genna Chanelle Hayes and Tahyna Tozzi are leading the charge for female-driven film productions with their latest feature, Three.

Three explores topical issues of same-sex marriage, indigenous incarceration and women’s liberation in modern-day Australia.

Hollywood-based Tozzi, who has recently been travelling the international festival circuit with her latest award-winning film Oren, will return to Australia for production later this year.

Tozzi said that she was thrilled to be part of a female-driven production: “I was lucky enough to meet Genna by chance last year as I was starting to find my voice as a filmmaker. I love her commitment to creating material that is relevant in today’s society and using the power of film to initiate chance. It’s a really exciting time for us, and I am thrilled to be part of female-driven filmmaking.”

Hayes- one of Australia’s fast-rising young stars, is known for her human rights issues-based filmmaking, and has recently been nominated for a ‘Young Leader’ Australian Women of Influence Award.

She says: “It is a really important time right now for women to empower women around the world- in film and across all other industries. It is also essential that as humans we individually become accountable for the way we treat others, and also the way we treat the environment. It’s about each of us doing our bit to evoke positive change- in every way possible.”

The two multi-talented young women are also co-producing a television series titled Barriers– a spin-off from Hayes’ latest film Wurinyan, starring Mark Coles Smith and Christine Anu.

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