Acclaimed songwriter, performer, artist, author and musical revolutionary David Byrne is returning to Australia. Byrne is heralded as an icon of his time for his truly groundbreaking work with Talking Heads which helped redefine what rock could be. Since the demise of that band, and even during, Byrne has proven that he is no one trick pony through an illustrious career of fascinating solo albums and collaborations with Brian Eno, and more recently St. Vincent.

The auteur always brought something different to the table, and looked at rock music, and music in general, through a lens that no other artist of his time did. You can learn about his views on music in his bestselling and hugely enjoyable book How Music Works. In his career, he has dabbled in rock, funk, disco, Latin, African, and industrial musical styles just to name a few. Byrne is a creative chameleon who is unrivalled in his innovative approach to music, and his treatment of live musical performances as intricate stage shows.

Most recently, Byrne has released American Utopia, his first solo album in 14 years which marks both a return to form, and a strike in a new direction for the seasoned artist.

Byrne has said that his new stage show is the most ambitious he has attempted since the seminal Stop Making Sense tour, for which an incredible concert film was produced.

Davids Byrne’s set will include select tracks from his time in Talking Heads, as well as selections from his back catalgoue his solo material.

Tickets on sale Monday June 18 at 12pm. Purchase tickets here.