She’s the Queen of the forlorn musical glance, but on her brand new, and highly anticipated second single, Lana Del Rey just wants to get ‘High By The Beach‘.

Following on from the orchestral swoon that was ‘Honeymoon‘, her latest track is more of a synth serenade, which lays Del Rey out on the sand, joint in hand, scolding her man.

She quasi-raps her way through the tail end of the lethargic chorus, crooning “The truth is I never bought into your bullshit when you would pay tribute to me cause I know that / All I want to do is get high by the beach / get high by the beach, get high”. She even drops some spoken word onto the slightly swelling bridge.

‘High By The Beach’ opens with eerie Californian church organ keys, as Del Rey’s dreamy, wispy vocals ease in. A dainty house beat underscores her sleepy and slinky demands, gently pushing the song into a remix realm.

It’s not as luscious or cinematic as ‘Honeymoon’, but it does make for a pretty perfect pop antidote.

Lana Del Rey’s upcoming LP Honeymoon is due for release this September.